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  • Telescopic Pole Camera


Telescopic Pole Camera

Inspection Camera Pole For Aerial Photography and Inspection.

  • 6m, 8m, 10m, 13m camera pole
  • Made of carbon fiber 
  • Heavy-duty aluminum tripod, smartphone / tablet holder are available
  • Suitable for cameras, camcorders, 360 VR, camera gimbals



Telescopic Pole Inspection Camera and Aerial Photography Pole allow users to take photos and video for aerial surveys and inspections for real estate, roof, truck,contstructions, bridge, harbour, landscape, etc


Customize Telescopic Inspection Camera Pole, please contact us.

Telescopic Pole Camera Feature:

  • 6m 8m 10m 13m camera pole standard lengths options, customized lengths acceptable
  • Made of fiberglass, carbon fiber composites, 100% carbon fiber, high modulus carbon fiber, from cost-effective to high-end
  • Super strong PA66 nylon clamps,
  • Standard accessories: Heavy-duty aluminum tripod, smartphone or tablet holder
  • 1/4” and 3/8” camera mount, suitable for all cameras and camcorders
  • Only one person can complete the installation of the entire telescopic camera pole and tripod in 1~ 2 minutes, faster and easier to be handled than metal mast and drone. Worldwide shipping 

Telescopic Camera Pole Advantages:

  • Made of high strength and lightweight carbon fiber, make all our camera poles weigh lighter
  • Our camera poles can be easily retracted to short lengths for transportation in small vehicles.
  • Only one person can complete the installation of the entire telescopic camera pole and tripod.
  • With 1.5mm wall thickness and strong quick-release clamps to ensure the best performance and maximum load-bearing, safety supports 2kg ~ 10kg, the masts don't bend or out of shape.


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Telescopic Aerial Pole Application:

- Roof, Gutter, Warehouse Inventory / Stock, Internal Chimney, Loft and Attic Inspections
- Wildlife, Land Survey 
- Asset and Infrastructure Inspection
- Septic Tank Inspections
- Damage Inspection

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