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  • Camera Mast
  • Camera Mast


Camera Mast

Endzone Camera System For Sports Filming
  • 15ft 20ft 30ft Endzone camera tripod
  • Made of lightest carbon fiber
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Removable carbon fiber telescopic pole
  • Compatible with wireless cameras, camcorders, Monitor


Xinbo Composites is a leading manufacturer of telescopic pole systems in China. Our 6m, 8m 10m 13m telescopic camera pole developed for filming sport and performance analysis.

Spply 15ft 20ft 27ft 30ft 43ft Endzone Camera Tripod, made of lighter and stronger carbon fiber, 
1.5mm wall thickness and strong quick-release clamps to ensure the best performance and maximum load-bearing.

Only one person can complete the installation of the entire telescopic camera pole and tripod in 1~ 2 minutes, faster and easier to be handled than metal mast and drone.
We ship to Worldwide shipping, welcome to inquiry.


Sports Camera Mast Specification:

Item Extended Length Contracted Length  Payload   Materials Accessories
Camera Mast with Tripod  6 m 1.33m 10 kg 100% Carbon fiber    Carbon Fiber Composites
100% Fiberglass
1/4"-20 or 3/8"-16 Camera Mount
Holder for Smartphone or Tablet
Heavy-duty Aluminum Tripod
8 m 1.73m 5 kg
10m 1.87m 3 ~5 kg
13m 1.92m 2 ~ 4 kg

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  • At the same weight, carbon fiber is 3 times stiffer than glass fiber, steel, or aluminum. High Strength carbon fiber is 70% lighter than steel, 40% lighter than aluminum, 30% lighter than glass fiber.

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