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  • Camera Pole


Camera Pole

Camera Mast For Photography, Sports Filming, Inspection

  • 6m 8m 10m 13m telescopic camera pole
  • Retracts to the short length, easy to trasport.
  • Aluminum tripod, camera mount, smartphone / tablet holder are available
  • Worldwide shipping



Xinbo Composites provides telescopic camera pole systems for multiple applications, roof and building Inspector, asset inspection teams, insurance loss adjusters, scientific and academic teams, sports clubs, polices, military around the world. 

Camera Pole Specification

Item Extended Length Contracted Length  Payload   Materials Accessories
Camera Pole with Tripod  6 m 1.33m 10 kg 100% Carbon Fiber    Carbon Fiber Composites         100% Fiberglass 1/4"-20 or 3/8"-16 Camera Mount
Holder for Smartphone or Tablet
Heavy-duty Aluminum Tripod
8 m 1.73m 5 kg
10m 1.87m 3 ~5 kg
13m 1.92m 2 ~ 4 kg

6M 8M 10M 13M camera pole systems are suitable for your applications

6m   Camera Pole / two-story  :endzone camera system for sports filming, aerial photography and survey
8m   Camera Pole/ three-story :telescopic camera pole system for sports filming, 360 photography system, roof and solar, wifi sites, mine inspection.
10m Camera Pole/ three-story :  camera mast for architectural photography, asset inspection, property photography and sports video recording.
13m Camera Pole / four-story  :  photography pole for aerial photography, real estate inspection, wifi sites surveys, and landscape photogrammetry

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