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  • Photography Pole
  • Photography Pole


Photography Pole

Telescopic Camera Pole with Stand

  • 6M 8M 10M 13M photography pole options
  • Easy to transport - retracts to the short length
  • Lightweight high strength carbon fiber
  • Compatible with wireless cameras, camcorders,monitor


Xinbo Composites is a leading supplier of telescopic pole system in China, we supply telescopic carbon fiber poles for aerial photography, inspection/survey/photogrammetry, sports performance filming analysis.

6M 8M 10M 13M telescopic camera pole systems are suitable for your application.

  • Damage Inspection, Incident Inspections & Evaluations
  • Roof and building inspections, aerial photography, inventory checks, gutter cleaning, wildlife surveying or loss adjustment
  • Gutter, Warehouse Inventory / Stock, Internal Chimney, Loft and Attic Inspections
  • Sports filming
  • Professional Photgraphy
  • Land Surveys, Wildlife Studies
  • Reporters for the press an TV stations
  • Lorry or vehicle inspection

Photography Poles Standard Specification

Extended Length Contracted Length Material Top Payload Weight Standard Accessories
6M 1.33 M

High Strength & Lightweight 100% Carbon Fiber with UD Surface
10 Kg 2445 g Heavy-duty Aluminum Tripod
    Smartphone Holder
Tablet Holder
1/4 and 3/8 Camera Mount
8M 1.73 M 5 Kg 3165 g
10M 1.87 M 5 Kg 3740 g
13M 1.94 M 2 Kg 4380 g

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Roll wrapped tube is manufactured using multiple layers of prepreg carbon fiber materials. Generally, each layer is about 0.13~0.25 mm thickness which means that a tube with a wall thickness of 1.5 mm will typically be composed of 6-12 individual layers of carbon fiber. The number of layers allows us to vary the orientation of the fibers throughout the thickness, creating a highest performance product according to per client 's requirement.

Roll Wrapped Process:
1. Wrapped onto a mandrel in multiple layers and angles
2. Externally pressurized with transparant PP tape
3. Heat cured to solidify
4. After curing, the solid composite is demoulded from the mandrel as a tube


Lay-Up Orientation


0° Fibers maximize bending stiffness. 

90° Fibers maximize crushing stiffness and generally assist in overall tube strength.


Widely used for sports video filming and performance analysis.

Ideal for property aerial photography and Inspection.

Compatible with wireless cameras, camcorders, camera gimbals and 3D laser scanners.

The Poles are made of carbon fiber materials which are imported from Toray Japan, with 15 years experience, 
high-end facilities, and precision production process.

- Sports Performance Video Analysis

- Architectural / Property Photography and Inspection

- Drone Alternatives

- 3D Laser Scanning and Photogrammetry

- Warehouse / Factory Survey


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