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  • Water Fed Cleaning Pole


Water Fed Cleaning Pole

Window Cleaning Pole System 

  • 18ft ~ 72ft carbon fiber available lengths
  • Made of ultralight carbon fiber, strong and durable 
  • Removable carbon fiber poles
  • High-quality, portable to transport



Xinbo Composites supplys high-end carbon fiber telescopic pole for window cleaning poles, 
available in Hybrid, Carbon Fiber and Himod Carbon Fiber materials.
We also provide standard accessories including aluminum Euro tip, adapter, jointer, brush and high-pressure hose.

Carbon Fiber Window Cleaning Pole Feature:

  • Lightweight

  • Excellent Rigidity

  • Precise Control

  • Anti-Pinch Clamps

  • Pole Hose, water brush Included

Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole Specifications: 

Xinbo Composites Collapsed Standard
27ft 167cm
Euro Tip
 Water Brush
Hose & Jointer
32ft 171cm
38ft 210cm
43ft 215cm
50ft 220cm
54ft 225cm


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