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  • Water Fed Extension Pole


Water Fed Extension Pole

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning System

  •  Made of High Strength, Lightweight Carbon Fiber
  •  Portable to Handle and Transport
  • 18FT - 72FT Available Length 
  •  Removable Carbon Fiber Poles


Telescopic Window Cleaning Pole Specifications

Xinbo Composites Collapsed Standard
18ft 154cm Euro Tip
 Water Brush
Hose & Jointer
23ft 161cm
27ft 167cm
32ft 171cm
38ft 210cm
43ft 215cm
50ft 220cm
54ft 225cm
60ft 225cm
66ft 225cm
72ft 225cm

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 - Window Cleaning

 - Gutter Cleaning

 - Solar Panel Cleaning

 - Swimming Pool Cleaning

 - Roof Cleaning

 - Airplane / Ship / Tuck Cleaning

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