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  • Carbon Fiber Camera Pole
  • Carbon Fiber Camera Pole
  • Carbon Fiber Camera Pole


Carbon Fiber Camera Pole

Photography Pole & Telescopic Camera Pole

  • Telescopic mast for aerial photography
  • Detachable camera mast
  • Heavy-duty aluminum tripod 
  • Camera mount, smartphone / tablet holder is available
  • We ship to worldwide


Carbon Fiber Camera Pole Specifications

Extended Length Contracted Length Material Top Payload Weight Standard Accessories
6M 1.33 M

High Strength & Lightweight 100% Carbon Fiber with UD Surface
10 Kg 2445 g Heavy-duty Aluminum Tripod
    Smartphone Holder
Tablet Holder
1/4 and 3/8 Camera Mount
8M 1.73 M 5 Kg 3165 g
10M 1.87 M 5 Kg 3740 g
13M 1.94 M 2 Kg 4380 g

Telescopic Camera Pole System Suitable for:

  • Photographers, newspapers, advertising agencies, film teams for photography, and video recordings.

  • Police, fire brigade, insurance companies, experts for creating overview photos for accident and damage documentation or for surveying and analysis.

  • Real estate agent for taking impressive photos for exposés and advertisements

  • Architects and construction companies for taking construction progress or reference photographs, for planning and surveying

  • Sports clubs for professional game analysis in training and live gamesSurvey Inspection

  • Land Surveys, Wildlife Studies, Topmentory.

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Best selling camera pole solution for asset inspection, roof and solar surveys 

Enables safe and fast aerial imaging without using a drone.

Lower cost than drone pilot training, faster to set up, single operator solution.

Safely supports up to 3kgs of camera, lens and other imaging devices.


- Sports camera video mast system

- Film / Event / Press Photography

- Building and Property Inspection

- Drone Alternatives

- Laser Scan / 360 / VR

- Infrared Analysis

- Warehouse / factory Survey


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