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  • Carbon Fibre Window Cleaning Pole


Carbon Fibre Window Cleaning Pole

Telescopic Window Cleaning Pole

  • Lightweight and Portable to Transport
  • 18FT - 72FT water fed poles available 
  • For commercial and industrial window cleaning


Window Washing Pole System

● Window cleaning telescopic pole is designed to be easily extendable

● Long reach to tackle windows from the ground without scaffolding or working platforms.

● 13 standard length options, you can certainly find the right one to tackle your window cleaning challenge, each model has clamps for perfect height adjustment control and precise cleaning.

Window Cleaning Telescopic Pole Specifications

● Material: 100% carbon fiber or carbon fiber composites
● Quick-release clamps, super strong and durable
● Removable design, no need extension pole
● Extended length: 18ft, 23ft, 27ft, 32ft, 38ft, 43ft, 50ft, 54ft, 60ft, 66ft, 72ft
● Window washing kits: water brush, high-pressure hose, hose connector, angle adapter


Window Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

Swimming Pool Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Airplane / Ship / Truck Cleaning

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