• Carbon Fiber Arm


Carbon Fiber Arm

Carbon Fiber Rectangular Tube for Mechanical Arm

  • Lightweight, High Stiffness, High Precision, High Speed Carbon Fiber Robotic Arm
  • Reduced motor and actuator loads
  • Vibration Dampening
  • Zero Coefficient of Thermal Expansion



Product Carbon Fiber  Arm
Material Standard Modulus / Intermediate Modulus / High Modulus / Ultra High Modulus ( Optional )
Surface Matte
Pattern Plain Weave
Available size 19 x 60 x 2000mm
115 x 125 x 2000mm
25 x 25 x 2000mm
35 x 35 x 2000mm
40 x 40 x 2000mm
100 x 10 0x 2000mm
110 x 110 x 2000mm
OD Tolerance Natural Tubing: ±0.1mm ~ ±0.15mm
Polished Tubing: ±0.02mm ~ ±0.05mm
Painted Tubing: ±0.05mm
Remarks Glossy & Natural surface is also available
Other sizes can be customized according to drawing

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Autoclave Processing

Lay-Up Orientation
Other Customized Multiple Axial Angles


0° Fibers maximize bending stiffness. 

90° Fibers maximize crushing stiffness and generally assist in overall tube strength.

45° Fibers maximize torsional stiffness. 

  • Unlike metals which have similar properties in all directions, the properties of composites are varying, depending on the orientation of the fibers in each layer.
  • 1. Same Maximum Deflection as Steel
    Carbon fiber tubing has about the same static and dynamic deflection as the steel tubing. However, 
    due to the inherent vibration dampening characteristics of carbon fiber tubing, it results in more rapid operating.
    2. 60% Less Deflection than Aluminum
    60% decrease in deflection results in much more rapid positioning.
    3. 31% Reduction in Required Power vs. Steel
    31% reduction in torque on the robot mechanism means less power required and less wear and maintenance on the robot itself.
  • - Industrial Automation
  • The light weight and high stiffness of carbon fiber robot arms help to improve production efficiency through increased speed and higher precision
  • With the application of carbon fiber arms, the industrial automation is better realized
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