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  • Carbon Fiber GooseNeck
  • Carbon Fiber GooseNeck
  • Carbon Fiber GooseNeck


Carbon Fiber GooseNeck

Carbon Fiber GooseNeck for Window Cleaning Poles


Design, Analysis, Prototyping and Production


Product Carbon Fiber GooseNeck
Material Carbon Fiber ( Standard Modulus )
Surface Painted Glossy
Pattern Plain Weave
Shape Goose Neck
Diameter 16.5mm / 20mm
Length 150 x 150mm / 150 x 250mm
OD Tolerance Natural Tubing: ±0.1mm ~ ±0.15mm
Polished Tubing: ±0.02mm ~ ±0.05mm
Painted Tubing: ±0.05mm
Remarks Painted Matte surface is also available


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Mold Pressing Process

Lay-Up Orientation
Other Customized Multiple Axial Angles


0° Fibers maximize bending stiffness. 

90° Fibers maximize crushing stiffness and generally assist in overall tube strength.

45° Fibers maximize torsional stiffness. 


Unlike metals which have similar properties in all directions, the properties of composites are varying, depending on the orientation of the fibers in each layer.
1. Clear Grain and Smooth Surface
2. High Strength, Light Weight
3. Anti-Corrosion
4. Low Thermal Expansivity
5. Low Density
6. Good Fatigue Resistance
7. Multiple Axial Angles can be designed to reach the best performance


- Gutter Cleaning
- High Ceiling Cleaning
- Roof Cleaning
- Window Cleaning


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