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  • Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe


Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe

Carbon Fiber Exhaust Pipe
  • High Strength, Lightweight
  • Carbon Fiber And Kevlar Hybrid Surface Finish
  • Custom Carbon Fiber Car Parts 


Xinbo Composites is acknowledged in the industry as being a highly accomplished and skilled carbon fibre composite design and manufacturing company. We are an ISO9001 approved company with over 15 years of experience crafting the finest polished or painted autoclaved Carbon Fibre pre-preg composite parts, from CNC machined alloy or Carbon composite tooling.
We export to overseas businesses with customization or batch produced, high-quality, high-end Carbon Fibre parts. With the best manufacturing and service.

Molds Development


End product cutting

Varnishing carbon fiber products



Rigorous quality control

Timely delivery

Product Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe
Material Carbon Fiber ( Standard Modulus )
Surface Painted Glossy
Pattern Twill Weave
Size Customized according to Drawing
Remarks Material color is optional


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Advantages of Fitting Carbon Fiber Car Parts in a Vehicle

Reduces the Car’s Weight
Carbon Fiber car Parts are Strong
Stunning Style and a Standout Performance
Lesser Repair Costs
Low Thermal 
Stress Resistance Properties


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