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  • Carbon Fiber Exhaust


Carbon Fiber Exhaust

Custom Carbon Fiber Auto Parts

  • Manufactured with 3D Drawing
  • Autoclave process with prepreg 3K woven carbon fiber material.
  • Ultra light weight and High strength


Product Carbon Fiber Exhaust
Material Carbon Fiber ( Standard Modulus )
Surface Matte
Pattern Plain Weave
Size Customized according to Drawing


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                                                         Mold Pressing
Compression molding is a forming process in which a plastic material is placed directly into a heated metal mold then is softened by the heat and therefore forced to conform to the shape of the mold, as the mold closes.


1. Clear Grain and Smooth Surface
2. High Strength, Light Weight
3. Anti-Corrosion
4. Low Thermal Expansivity
5. Low Density
6. Good Fatigue Resistance


- Automobile and Motorcycle Accessory


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