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  • Custom Carbon Fiber Car Parts


Custom Carbon Fiber Car Parts

Carbon Fiber Car Parts
  • 3K Carbon fibre weave
  • Model and brand specific carbon fiber patterns
  • Matt or Gloss finish
  • UV protection resin to prevent weathering and yellowing


Xinbo Composites custom carbon fiber auto parts almost anything for your car, here are examples of just a few things we can do.
  • Side Skirts
  • Spoilers
  • Bumpers
  • Diffuser
  • Interior Sets
  • Exterior Sets
  • Grilles
  • Door handles
  • Mirror Caps
  • Engine covers
  • Exhaust Pipe
Product  Custom Carbon Fiber Car Parts
Material Carbon Fiber ( Standard Modulus )
Surface Painted Glossy
Pattern Twill Weave
Size Customized according to Drawing


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Mold Pressing/Autoclave Process


1. Clear Grain and Smooth Surface
2. High Strength, Light Weight
3. Anti-Corrosion
4. Low Thermal Expansivity
5. Low Density
6. Good Fatigue Resistance


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