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  • Carbon Fiber Car Part


Carbon Fiber Car Part

Carbon Fibre Automotive Parts
  • 3K Gloss Carbon Fiber Parts
  • Custom Carbon Fiber Parts For Interior, Exterior of the Car


Xinbo Composites Manufactures Carbon Fiber Auto Parts with 3D Drawing Analysis , Prototyping and Production in autoclave process.
It's of ultra light weight and very high strength.It's exceptionally stiff and thermally stable. Different shapes and dimensions could be customized.

Product Carbon Fiber Car Part
Material Carbon Fiber ( Standard Modulus )
Surface Painted Glossy
Pattern Plain Weave
Size Customized according to Drawing
Remarks Additional holes are available


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Mold Pressing


1. Clear Grain and Smooth Surface
2. High Strength, Light Weight
3. Anti-Corrosion
4. Low Thermal Expansivity
5. Low Density
6. Good Fatigue Resistance


- Automobile and Motorcycle Accessory


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