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  • Fiberglass Tube
  • Fiberglass Tube


Fiberglass Tube

Fiberglass Poles

  • Lightweight, Non-conductive tubing Fiberglass Tubing
  • High Strength, Colorful, Longer lengths, thicker walls and lower costs


High quality, lightweight Fiberglass tubes have excellent properties when compared to other materials tubes have good electrical insulation, good chemical resistance and they do not corrode. Glassfibre tubes have unlimited uses for different applications. Examples of such applications are different tool handles, antenna tubes, various types of light structures, lantern poles, flagpoles, fence posts, flag pole for golf tracks, rods, and tent structures.
Product Fiberglass Tube
Material Fiberglass
Surface Natural, Matte, Pained Glossy
Pattern UD
MIN OD 14mm
MAX OD 16mm
MAX Length Up to 6000mm

OD Tolerance
Natural Tubing: ±0.1mm ~ ±0.15mm
Polished Tubing: ±0.02mm ~ ±0.05mm
Painted Tubing: ±0.05mm


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Roll wrapped tube is manufactured using multiple layers of prepreg carbon fiber materials. Generally, each layer is about 0.13~0.25 mm thickness which means that a tube with a wall thickness of 1.5 mm will typically be composed of 6-12 individual layers of carbon fiber. The number of layers allows us to vary the orientation of the fibers throughout the thickness, creating a highest performance product according to per client 's requirement.

Roll Wrapped Process:
1. Wrapped onto a mandrel in multiple layers and angles
2. Externally pressurized with transparant PP tape
3. Heat cured to solidify
4. After curing, the solid composite is demoulded from the mandrel as a tube


Lay-Up Orientation
Other Customized Multiple Axial Angles


0° Fibers maximize bending stiffness. 

90° Fibers maximize crushing stiffness and generally assist in overall tube strength.

45° Fibers maximize torsional stiffness. 


Unlike metals which have similar properties in all directions, the properties of composites are varying, depending on the orientation of the fibers in each layer.
1. Smooth Surface
2. LightWeight
3. High Strength & Anti-Aging
4. High Corrosion & Weather Resistance
5. Fire & Rust Resistance; 
6. Electrical & Thermal insulation
7. Resistant to Impact & Good Fatigue Resistance
8. Easy to machine,assembly & Low cost of Installation
9. Maintenance Free, Eco Friendly and Durable
10. Available in any color as per requirement

 - Safety & Protection
 - Structure Support
 - Garden Tools / Tool Handle
 - Telescopic System
 - Electric Utility 
 - Antenna Mast
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