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  • Fiberglass Pipe
  • Fiberglass Pipe


Fiberglass Pipe

Pultruded Fiberglass Profiles
  • High Stiffness, High Strength, Lightweight FRP Tubing
  • Custom Fiberglss Tube,Pipe,FRP Tubing


Pultruded fiberglass tubes have unique characteristics suitable for a wide range of applications. 
Round tubes of various diameters are used in antenna housings, handles for tools (e.g., snow shovels, paint rollers, mop and broom, lawn garden tools), tree pruners, professional service tools, railing systems, telescoping tools, and flag poles.
Square and rectangular tubes are commonly used in insulators, railroad cross arms, spacers, framing, structural supports, and bench slats.
Thanks to their low cost, lightweight, ease of handling, versatility, strength, durability, and long lifecycle, pultruded fiberglass tubes are widely used in many industries.
Product Fiberglass Pipe
Material Fiberglass ( Carbon Fiber is Optional )
Surface Smooth
Shape/Size According to Drawing
OD Tolerance ±0.2mm
Max Length 10M, can be customized
Fiber Content > 60%
Resin Content < 40%
Color Can be Customized


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The pultruded process continuously pulls fibers from rolls, which are then wetted with a matrix material (usually a thermosetting resin like epoxy resin). Subsequently, they are pulled through a heated die, which determines the shape of the profile. Polymerisation of the resin takes place in the die, forming a rigid profile with a diameter corresponding to that of the die and a length that is endless, in theory. The extruded process guarantees an accurate design and measurement control, perfectly aligned fibres and a smooth surface. The technology is suitable for all types of fibres or a combination of fibre types. A high fibre-volume content is feasible, which makes it possible to reach a high specific rigidity and strength of the profiles. The serial character and the controllability of the process ensure a good price/quality ratio.

  • Fiber: E-Glass Fiber
  • Fiber Content: > 60%
  • Resin Content: < 40%


Advantages Of Pultruded Fiberglass Tubes & Pipes
Pultruded fiberglass tubes outperform traditional materials such as wood, steel, and aluminum in many ways. They're easy to work with, more durable, and produce safer products. Here are some of the key benefits of pultruded fiberglass tubes:
1. Available in a variety of shapes, including round, square, and rectangular, and in different sizes.
2. Offer high tensile strength, dimensional stability, and rigidity.
3. Can be manufactured in any size and shape to meet various design requirements.
4. 30% lighter than aluminum and 70% lighter than steel without sacrificing any strength. 
5. Resistant to deformation during high impact.
6. Can be cut and shaped using simple tools, so they're less costly and safer to work with.
7. Effective protective barriers for hot or electrically-charged components since they don't conduct heat or electricity.
8. Non-magnetic electromagnetic transparency makes them ideal for specialized and scientific applications. 
9. Highly durable, chemical-resistant, and corrosion-resistant.
10. Don't rot or degrade even after prolonged exposure to moisture, temperature extremes, or UV radiation.
11. Have a long lifecycle (over 15 years) with very low maintenance cost since they don't deteriorate or rust.  
12. Durability and recyclability provide sustainable solutions for the construction and manufacturing industries.
13. Offer the versatility required by today's manufacturing industry for creating customized and intricate designs to meet various needs.


- Frameworks
- Aerospace
- Safety & Protection
- Support Structure


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