• Fiberglass Rod


Fiberglass Rod

Pultruded Fiberglass Rods

Color and Shapes Could be Customized


Design, Analysis, Prototyping and Production


Product Fiberglass Rod
Material Fiberglass
Surface Smooth
MIN Diameter 0.8mm
MAX Diameter 200mm
OD Tolerance ±0.1mm
Max Length Endless, can be customized
Fiber Content > 60%
Resin Content < 40%
Color White / Black, other color can be customized


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The pultruded process continuously pulls fibers from rolls, which are then wetted with a matrix material (usually a thermosetting resin like epoxy resin). Subsequently, they are pulled through a heated die, which determines the shape of the profile. Polymerisation of the resin takes place in the die, forming a rigid profile with a diameter corresponding to that of the die and a length that is endless, in theory. The extruded process guarantees an accurate design and measurement control, perfectly aligned fibres and a smooth surface. The technology is suitable for all types of fibres or a combination of fibre types. A high fibre-volume content is feasible, which makes it possible to reach a high specific rigidity and strength of the profiles. The serial character and the controllability of the process ensure a good price/quality ratio.

  • Fiber: E-Glass Fiber
  • Fiber Content: > 60%
  • Resin Content: < 40%


  • 1. Smooth Surface
  • 2. High Stiffness
  • 3. Anti-Corrosion
  • 4. Low Thermal Expansivity
  • 5. Low Density
  • 6. Good Fatigue Resistance & Economical Price
  • 7. Length is endless


  • - Aerial and drone systems
  • - Safety & Protection
  • - Reinforcemant bars for Roofs
  • - Sports - Kite Frame
  • - Antenna
  • - Golf Sticks
  • - Industrial Brushes


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