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Xinbo Composites on Guangzhou Composites Product Exhibition We take part in the 4th Guangzhou Composites Product Exhibition 2021, we show our latest large diameter carbon fiber pole, carbon fiber roller, carbon fiber shaft, carbon fiber car parts.

Carbon Fiber Telescopic Pole for Telescopic Camera Pole Endzone Camera System Carbon Fiber Telescopic Pole for Telescopic Camera Pole Endzone Camera System Xinbo Composites supplies high-end carbon fiber telescopic poles for the telescopic camera pole endzone camera system. Carbon Fiber is a new material, carbon fiber products have more advantages, such as high strength, lightweight, anti-corrosion, anti-UV, stronger and durable than aluminum, steel, etc. Our carbon fiber telescopic pole made of

Which Lengths of Camera Pole and Camera Mast Should You Choose? We supply 6 M, 8 M, 10 M, 13 M camera pole systems, the following explanation will tell you the lengths of camera poles that are suitable for your applications. 6m: two-story height - Camera pole for sports video filming, aerial photography, telecom facilities inspection. 8m: three-story height - Telescopic camera pole system for sports video filming, panoramic cameras system, roof and solar inspection 10m: three-story height - Came

3m-15m (10ft-50ft) Fiberglass Telescoping Pole Fiberglass Mast For Telescoping Antenna Xinbo Composites supply various of fiberglass telescoping poles for antenna application to locate signals for strength wireless internet, from 3m to 15m (10ft-50ft). Fiberglass masts more and more used in the Ham Radio industry, because of the following advantages. 1. Heavy-duty Fiberglass Antenna Mast - Equipped Heavy-duty with an aluminum tripod, easily support 1-10kgs top payload 2. UV Corrosion Resistant R

Materials VS Performance Of Telescopic Camera Pole Materials Advantages Disdvantages Conclusion ALUMINIUM CAMERA POLE Super low cost to manufacture Low retail price Heavy to transport (usually 15kg plus) Heavy to push and extend upward Mostly un-useable without a tripod Cannot extend very high (15-30ft model dependent) This type of camera mast is designed to be used only as a light stand, but is often re-purposed and retailed as a low-cost aerial camera pole system but is still not suitable for

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