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Jul 31, 2021

GNSS Telescopic Pole Using a professional surveying pole is essential if you want to gain the accuracy needed in todays GPS or Geosystem datas collection. Carbon fiber telescopic poles from Xinbo Composites offer an optimal balance of weight, stability, and longevity. Xinbo Composite offers you a large selection of high-quality carbon fiber telescopic poles for all survey instruments and applications. Lightweight construction, high stability, robust quality ● Material: carbon fiber, fiberglass

Customize Telescopic Pole Xinbo Composites extend your reach with our composite telescoping pole solutions. We build on our wide range of composite tubes to produce telescoping poles suitable for a wide range of applications, from carbon fiber window washing solutions to telescoping poles for picking, photography, inspection, we work with you to determine the best choice of materials and secondary processing. We offer a range of carbon fiber, fiberglass, and a hybrid of both carbon and glass fib

Xinbo Composites on Guangzhou Composites Product Exhibition We take part in the 4th Guangzhou Composites Product Exhibition 2021, we show our latest large diameter carbon fiber pole, carbon fiber roller, carbon fiber shaft, carbon fiber car parts.

Carbon Fiber Telescopic Pole for Telescopic Camera Pole Endzone Camera System Carbon Fiber Telescopic Pole for Telescopic Camera Pole Endzone Camera System Xinbo Composites supplies high-end carbon fiber telescopic poles for the telescopic camera pole endzone camera system. Carbon Fiber is a new material, carbon fiber products have more advantages, such as high strength, lightweight, anti-corrosion, anti-UV, stronger and durable than aluminum, steel, etc. Our carbon fiber telescopic pole made of

Which Lengths of Camera Pole and Camera Mast Should You Choose? We supply 6 M, 8 M, 10 M, 13 M camera pole systems, the following explanation will tell you the lengths of camera poles that are suitable for your applications. 6m: two-story height - Camera pole for sports video filming, aerial photography, telecom facilities inspection. 8m: three-story height - Telescopic camera pole system for sports video filming, panoramic cameras system, roof and solar inspection 10m: three-story height - Came

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