XinBo Composites Co.,Ltd. is a professional composite product supplier which is committed to carbon fiber, 

fiberglass fabric and high performance composites production development and application .Our company has strong abilities of 

resource integration and using.We have built a global network of marketing.

About Us

Shenzhen Xinbo Composites Co., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen, the “Capital of Design” and specializes in R&D, design, technical consulting, manufacturing and sales of carbon fiber composite products. With strong technical strength and 14 years of experience in manufacturing, Xinbo is at the leading level in the research and development of high-end composite products.


As a technology-based enterprise, Xinbo manufactures high-end carbon fiber, kevlar fiber and glass fiber products with roll-wrapping, pultrusion, winding and prepreg molding technique. 

We focus on design, manufacture and solutions for your project.
We could customize for every of your special request.

Spec - B Series Telescopic Pole with Horizontal Clamps
Spec - Carbon Fiber Mic Boom Poles
Spec - X Series Telescopic Pole with Vertical Clamps
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